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 Hello everyone and welcome to Tips Research. If you are a student then you have to face the exam and for this reason you may have tension that “How can I do better in my exam?”. So in today's article I will let you know how you can do better.  In this article you will see best tips for examination which will help you in preparation of examination. Many of the students are in trouble that how they can prepare herself/himself for the examination. In this article I will solve many of your problems and questions that you have in your mind related to examination and preparation of examination. So this article is very very important for you if you are a student or you have to face an exam. So read the full article sincerely and try to follow all the tips and trips which are given in the article in your day to day routine. So let's start.

Best tips for exam 2021

How can I improve my memory in studying :-

Presence of this study is very very important during study. During study if your min  is  diverted in other thing like video games and sports, than you will not able to remember or learn the topic which you are trying to learn and study. For your concentration in study you have to take proper diet which is best for you and provide you proper protein, carbohydrates and other nutrients. So, proper diet is also very important for study. You have take nuts in your daily food and snacks. Nuts contain many of the useful and best protein which will make your mind sharp and concentrated.

Second thing which I want to tell you for concentration in exams is do YOGA. Yoga have a great power for concentration. Also many of the scientists agreed that yoga can make a mind concentrated and sharp. If you will do yoga in morning than your whole day will be fresh and you will concentrate in study. 

After that the nest tip which I want to show you is try to study in the silent places. This matters very much. If you are studying in cruddy and violent places than this will surely attract your mind. So, voice pollution is also a factor by which you will not concentrated in study.

If you will follow these three tips which is given above than I am 110% sure that you will see a positive change in your study and also in your result.

How can I memories faster:-

In subjects like social science and biology, we have to memories the points, question-answers, diagrams, etc. For many of the students this is very thing to memories this. So, I want to tell all the students that memorizing points, questions-answers, diagrams, etc. is not a very hard thing. Memorizing these types is very easy. Let's see how it is easy.

Select the diagram, question-answer, points, etc. which you want to memories. Than read it at least 5 to 10 times regularly. Reading many times will help you in understanding the question. After reading the question and answer both, try to understand it and than write it at least 2 times. This will help you memorizing the spellings of the words which is in the answers.

In diagrams, there is only and only one theorem to memories is practice the diagram by drawing it many time. By following these tips you will memories your choice easily. 

How do you get 100 in all exams?

Every and every student want to top in exam or wants to get 100 in exam. For this we have to memories the points and question-answers. Accept today I will show you many of the tips which is very very helpful for you in preparation of exam. 

Firstly read, understand and memories the summary. After that read, understand and memories all the important points and question-answers. 

Solve last three year question paper for your best results. This will help you very much. This will make you stable in writing the answers.

In subjects like social science there are also map work which you have to do in exams. For map works, practice all the map works which is in your book. I want to tell you that map work comes in exam which is in your book. There will no other map works which is not in your text books.

So, this is the whole tips about how to get 100 in examination. Follow these tips for your your best results.

What is the best thing to do before an exam?:-

If you have also this question than today I will solve your question. The main question is that what should you have to before examination. So, for all of you I want to tell that the duration before the exam is very very important for us. If you think more about your exam than your this may happen that yo will pass the badly.

 So, before examination you have to chill. Don't take so many tension about your exam and believe on your study. 

Taking so many tensions will shake your mind and may confuse you during exam in examination hall. So, follow the above tips.

What should I do 1 hour before an exam?:-

1 hour before the exam is very very critical period for some of the students. For my side I would to tell you that don't touch any text books note books. This will surely confuse you at the time of exam in examination hall. You will think that I will write better instead of that and you will write. But after that you will see that your answer is not at all perfect and accurate. So, before 1 hour of exam you have to chill and take rest. 

Also follow this tips for your better results...!

How can I pass my exam in 2 hours?:-

Manually exam are of 3 hour. But if you want to complete your exam in 2 hour than you have to make attention in the exam. For completing your exam in 2 hours, you have read the whole tips which is given above. These tips will 110% help you in completing your in 2 hours. So read the above tips...!

So, friends this is full article in which you saw many of the important tips and tricks for the preparation of examination. If you will follow the tips which is given above than I am 100% sure that you will see a positive change and better result result. If you like this article than please share it which your friends and relatives by they can also achieve knowledge from this article. Also subscribe Tips Research. We are regularly publishing many of the important tips and tricks which will help you. Post a comment on this article and also tell us what you want to see in our site. We will try to complete your request. Have a nice day. Thank you for being here...!

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