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Hello everyone and welcome to Tips Research. The time before the exam is the time of prepation for the examination. Many of the students have a question that what they have to for the preparationof exam.

So, today I will share with you Best and protips for preparation of examination.  So stay in this article and try to follow all the tips which is given in the article. The tips and tricks  which is given in the article will surely help you in the preparation of examination.

After reading this full article I am 100%sure that you will be able to prepare youself for final exam or any exam.  This article will help you a lot. You ca share this article with your friends and relatives by which they will also gain some knowledge via this article. So, make sure that you read the full article. So, let's start:-

Best tips for preparation of exam 2021


For best preparation of exam you have to first read te notes that you have prepared or provided by your school. Read the full notes and study material this will 100% help you in preparation for exam. This will make your memorizing capacity better. So, try to follow this tips. This will surely help you a lot.


After that I will recommend you that you have to practice last 5year question paper and also sample papers by which you can that which type question  will come come in exam. After practicing last 5 year question and sample paper you will 100% sure about the pattern of question paper which will come in examination. So, please follow this tips for your better result. This will definitely give you a positive result.


After that I want to give you my personal tips for the preparation of exam. The tip is that you have to read and understand the summary of all chapter which are coming in the exam. Summary of the chapter have a huge capacity or power to provide you knowledge of the chapter. During reading and understanding the whole chapter it may happen that you will feel bored and you didn't understand the important points of the chapter. In this case summary of the chapter will you in understanding the chapter. So, if you have this type of problem than you can follow this tip for understanding and chapter and preparation of the chapter.


After that I will recommend you to make a flow chart of every chapter. Flow chapter will help you in understanding the whole chapter only in one page. You don't have to memorize the full chart. When you will see the chart, half of you doubt will automatically solve. This is the power of flow chart. So, if you have also problem in understanding the chapter than you can follow this tip.


So, this is the full article on preparation ofexam.  From my side you have to follow the given tips for a positive change in your result. If you will follow the tips given below than it confirm that you will see a positive change in your performance. So, make sure that you will follow the rules or not.

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